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How to reach me:

Text Message

The fastest way to reach me is to send me a text message. The best way for us to connect is for me to be available; to that end I give you my mobile number: 541.602.6007


I like Twitter…it’s a wonderful bridge and a good place to connect. Send me a message or follow me @d_scott . You will often find my posts tagged with the #UsGuys hashtag.


Email is still alive and well! Since I have my email accounts sent to my phone, messages are never far away. One great aspect to an email dialogue – the history of the conversation. If email is a convenient for you – send me a message:


Connect with me through LinkedIn:

Visit the Office

Visitors are the best!  There is no substitute for sitting down at the table.  If you are in the area, please let me know & come by for a chat.

635 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis OR 97333


My phone is generally close at hand. If you roll to voicemail – please leave a message & I can respond to you.  Some discussions are best with a voice connect.  My  mobile line is: 541.602.6007

Such a Comfortable Place to Talk

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